Thursday, June 16, 2011

The usefulness of objects - A Zen Security Koan

One sunny afternoon, the Master and his Students were reviewing the results of a security assessment with the Villagers.
After discussing one result, a Villager spoke up and said,
"But Master, that interface was not designed to be used that way!"
The Master picked up a nearby umbrella and poked the Villager hard enough to draw blood.
Thus was the Villager Enlightened

The Journey - A Zen Security Koan

A Villager came to the Master and said, 
"Every year I pay your disciples large sums of money to test my security. Why must I do this?"

The Master replied, 
"Each day, the Shepard walks along the perimeter of his fence with his dog. Does the dog only journey home?"

The Master then struck the Villager upon the head with a large invoice. 

Thus was the Villager Enlightened.

The Master Explains Compliance - A Zen Security Koan

The Student came to the Master and asked,
"Master, why is it that I am compliant, yet I am not secure?"
The Master replied, "Compliance is not security."
The Student then asked, "If I become secure, will I be then compliant?"
The Master hit the Student over the head with a large invoice.
Thus was the Student Enlightened.