Friday, February 7, 2014

A Security Zen Koan- The Master, The Villager, and the Clay Jar...

A Security Zen Koan...

The Master and a group of students were traveling down a road, when they were accosted by an angry villager.
The villager scolded the Master thus; "I came to you for advice on which firewall to buy. I bought that same firewall and installed it. Days later, my system was infiltrated by ronin from a neighboring village and they plundered at will! How could you lead me so astray?"

The Master pondered this for a moment and then replied thus; "You followed my advice to purchase a firewall. You did not follow my advice on how to go about configuring it. If you buy a clay jar from a local pottery artisan, fill it with fine wine, and then place it on the floor to use as a doorstop, do you accuse the artisan of incompetence when a guest kicks the jar over and shatters it, spilling your fine wine?"

The Master then struck the angry villager with a large invoice, and the villager was enlightened.